“Sponsor a child, change a family. If we sponsor children in the same area, we change a community. Change a community, we can impact a region. Impact enough regions, we can change a nation.”
(Gary Clarke)

Ugandees meisje voor haar huis

Together, we can change the world

We see the word “poverty” and our vision blurs. All we see are statistics: 1.3 billion people trapped in an endless cycle. But these statistics have faces. And as the Church, we have the responsibility to do something.

Hillsong has an audacious vision. We’ve developed a unique partnership with Compassion to eradicate poverty in western Uganda. Compassion works exclusively with local churches, transforming children’s lives by linking them with an individual sponsor. Since 2002, globally we’ve sponsored over 7000 Ugandan children through our church, network and conferences.

It’s working. The testimonies are truly remarkable. Children are finding Christ, their education is progressing and their health improving. Children are graduating with dreams alive in their hearts and a clear vision for their future.

Join us by sponsoring a child today in one of the Compassion projects supported by Hillsong Church. By each of us playing our part, we can change the world.

Sponsor a child today!

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